We protect your content from illegal downloads and fraudulent generation of profits by third parties.

Effects of piracy on your brand

How does online piracy affect your organization’s profits and performance?

Your producers may be wary of you as they are also losing revenue due to their content being downloaded illegally. Consumers can lose confidence considering they can download premium products for free.

A clear and negative impact of online piracy is a decrease in your revenue stream for the entire legal content monetization chain. Piracy dealers will share and download your content for free, in a zero-sum game.

Another possible problem is that of your brand image. As long as digital pirates have a free pass to your content, your image and exclusivity will be altered. Protection against piracy puts an end to this.

Do you need Anti-piracy protection?

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Our strategy for content protection

Automated Search Engine

Bye Pirates has a direct anti-piracy protection method to counter and manage piracy on the Internet. It always gets the job done and sends a strong warning to hackers and illegal downloaders.

Personal Agents

We go beyond search engines in our anti-piracy company to perform manual searches in addition to search engine controls. Our trained Bye Pirates agents search, detect, and remove illegally duplicated copyrighted material. A combination of machine experience and human competence ensures a clean sweep of all pirated content.

Our strategy for brand protection

If you are the CEO of your company and want a fast and secure way to detect abuse online, you have come to the right place.

Monitor a variety of online data sources (B2B exchanges, auctions, paid search, e-commerce sites, mobile app stores, email, social media, and more) with much higher frequency.

Prevent SEO manipulation from diverting your web traffic to an unaffiliated site that will associate your brand image with illegal content.

Close sites that sell links to illegal copies and reduce complaints from your content producers.

Defend against all false associations and imitations on mobile app stores, websites, and social media sites.

Identify all high-priority brand abuse cases, automate compliance measures, and simplify business collaborations.

Keep your clients away from infringing sites until enforcement measures go into effect with this brand protection agency.