Governments, TV channels and VOD platforms invest millions of dollars a year in producing and acquiring original content. Bye Piratas offers unique technology and processes in the Hispanic market to protect that investment.


Their local Producers complain that their films are continually pirated, that they have no tools to fight this evil and that lowers or zeroes the marketing value of a production financed with state funds.

VOD Platforms and Tv Channels

We help you protect your content against online piracy. By constantly monitoring the web 24/7, illegally shared versions of copyrighted content will be located, reported, and then removed. Specially trained Bye Pirates agents will also search for content manually. This combination of man and machine will lead to a complete sweep of illegal content.

Increase your income stream!

An investigation among our clients has found that their income has increased after using our services. By removing illegal copies of your work, customers will come back for the original product.

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How Does it Work?

We can hear you say: “How will you protect my intellectual property?” Protecting intellectual property rights is what we do. Removing illegal content requires several steps. This is how we do business and we achieve a 98% removal rate.

Within all of our intellectual property protection plans comes our automated search engine. This search engine will monitor known hacking and file-sharing websites 24/7. When the results come in, our agents will report the results and remove the illegal downloads as soon as possible.

Our premium protection plans come with a personal agent. It will manually track and search the Internet for illegal copies of a brand’s content. The reason we also use manual work is that a search engine cannot detect everything. This agent will detect, report and remove the offending content.

Another additional service that is included in our premium protection plan is the Google search removal service. A personal agent will search for illegal search results on Google and report them to the search engine. Once reported, it will take up to 24 hours for these results to be removed from the search engine. Bing & Yahoo can also be monitored.