About our Digital Crusade against Piracy.


Bye Piratas was founded in 2018 by executives with more than 30 years of experience in film distribution and content software. Our goal is to help organizations protect their copyrighted property from illegal copying, selling, and distribution, all of which constitute theft.

  • Piracy is an epidemic and there is no one specialized in attacking the piracy of content in Spanish.

  • The losses for those who finance the production of content and acquire it legally are millionaires.
  • Pirated content creates discontent among content producers and those they hold responsible for protecting their creations.

  • We maintain confidentiality in the rights of the entire production and distribution chain.

  • We strengthen the legal chain of property rights and send a strong message to pirates, making them commercially unviable.

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We want to protect brands around the world against online theft and piracy. We want people to not fear losing their content to hackers, counterfeiters, and other digital threats.

Our company operates on the cornerstones of exceptional quality, customer service, and continuous improvement.

  • Your satisfaction is everything to us. That’s why we offer custom solutions, detailed reports, and have a dedicated agent to meet all of your needs.
  • We invest in the best technology and the most talented security professionals. That’s what allows us to ensure top-notch monitoring and removal of infringing content.
  • We continually measure and evaluate our solutions and strategies to incorporate improvements.

At our core is a unique dedication to protecting digital content from pirates. We have translated this passion into several basic services.

  • Deactivate companies dedicated to pirating their own websites.
  • Deactivate companies dedicated to selling pirated content through YouTube and social networks.
  • Deactivate companies dedicated to selling pirated content through mobile applications.