Are you a content creator who is suffering from illegal sharing of your content on YouTube? Not sure how to file a YouTube DMCA report? We can help you.
YouTube DMCA Protection by Bye Pirates

Your organization finances the creation and acquisition of intellectual property such as videos, music, photos or e-books, and its future depends on the commercialization of that content.

After a while, he finds out that his content is being illegally uploaded to YouTube. This can cause your subscribers to not grow and therefore lose income. Submitting a YouTube DMCA report could solve the problem.

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Ways of YouTube Violations

We can help you by submitting YouTube DMCA reports to offending parties and having those videos removed.

Illegal videos
Illegal songs
Download links
Content in compilations

How can we help?

Our anti-piracy approach can help you. Our modern search engine crawls YouTube and the internet seven days a week for illegal and pirated versions of your content.


The search engine will detect any illegal copies of your work.

YouTube DMCA Report

Once detected, we will send DMCA reports to YouTube.

Automated Search Engine

Our search engine will investigate the internet 24/7.

Counter notice

If you get a fake counter notice, we will take care of it.